David Salch

Dave Salch has been a high tech engineer and executive for decades, building new innovative products and technologies across several industries. Now semi-retired, still father of 11 and dedicated homeschooler, author, teacher on Outschool, Dave uses these decades of experience with both technology and teams to bring that deep understanding to the next generation.

Building the Foundation: How Things Work

The foundation of learning is understanding. Not facts, not knowledge, but understanding of the core principles and relationships at work. This level of understanding is best built at the proper age, when the student is in the sponge like “Love of Learning” stage where all the world is full of curiosity and wonder. Feed that curiosity with more than facts and figures, feed it with a deep understanding of how the world works! Many curriculum miss this important stage, because testing of knowledge is easier than building of understanding. In this session we look at what it means to build an understanding, some real world tips and tricks parents can use, how to measure progress in this arbitrary world.