Samantha Cook

Samantha Matalone Cook has over two decades of experience in education, program development, and the arts, and is a dedicated mentor and lifelong learner. Most recently, she was founder and former ED for Curiosity Hacked, a non-profit hackerspace for kids and families, where she built learning communities and pushed the boundaries of what learner-centered, alternative STEAM education could look like. Samantha writes about feminism, parenting, art, technology, education reform, and home/unschooling. She is an active member, featured speaker, and advocate of the hacker/maker and home/unschooling communities. Currently, Samantha is consulting and leading educator workshops, as well as continuing to experiment with ‚Äčlearning through classes and workshops in her new Berkeley space, Rose Hill Studio. She also finds new adventures and manages mischief every day with her three unschooling kids.

Learning through Making

Throughout our evolution as humans, we have always learned best by doing. While our current public education model has veered away from developmental science, as home educators we have the opportunity to embrace this curiosity and experimentation in our daily lives. Making and Hacking supports learners and can be integrated into every method or philosophy of homeschooling, and into every subject. Kinesthetic moments are the keystones to lifelong learning because they embody the essence of a skill or topic, not just the knowledge we are trying to impart. This flexibility and adaptability around skills and concepts is essential to building an education for our kids that meets a quickly evolving world.
Please join me at the online SEA Homeschool Online Conference for a demonstration and discussion on how to integrate more STEAM education and Tinkering into your home education, how to create a makerspace at home, how to expand any idea or interest, and simple ways to make any area of study have a kinesthetic moment!