SEA Homeschoolers Mentorship Programs

Upcoming Masterclasses in May and June 2021

Two personalized Masterclasses to meet you where you are and help you turn your homeschool dreams into reality.

In a country with a public school system, it goes without saying that homeschoolers are dreamers. No matter what your reason for homeschooling is or how practical you consider yourself to be, you would not be homeschooling if you did not dream of empowering and turning on your child’s unique intellect. How could there be any more important sphere to be a dreamer in than working in a hands-on way to nurture your learner?

Join Blair Lee for one of these two personalized Masterclasses. Choose the one that best meets you where you are and helps you turn your homeschool dreams into reality. Blair will work with you as you craft something innovative, academically-rich, alternative, and true to who you and your children are. The size of these groups has been designed to be large enough to get more than one perspective and intimate enough so that there is time to focus on all attendees, including you.

The goal of these Masterclasses is to help you realize your homeschooling dreams and to help you figure out how to handcraft to facilitate your child’s learning journey in a way that helps them have all the tools they need to live their one wild and precious life! Through the use of newly designed onboarding questionnaires, each Masterclass will be tailored to best meet the needs of each attendee. During these handcrafted Masterclasses, we will work together and brainstorm as we share struggles, concerns, advice, and successes. You will spend the weekend working to strategize and plan your optimal homeschooling journey.

What are SEA parents saying about our Masterclasses?

“This year will be our fourth year of homeschooling, and while I feel that I have already learned so much from the trials and errors of the past three years of our journey —  I needed some additional direction and sense of community. I came out of the Masterclass with renewed commitment, clarity and  insight about my and my son’s academic strengths, challenges and passions that will guide us in the year (or years!) to come. Thank you Blair Lee and SEA Homeschoolers for helping me chart the direction that will serve my son best!” – Noelani Perry

“Our family is preparing to homeschool for the first time. This class was invaluable to my understanding of how the homeschool world works and what our family needs to do to prepare. Two thumbs up.” – Christina

“If you are new to homeschool , have young kids, or are just looking for insight for fine tuning & effective planning, this is the class for you! Save yourself time, money, and heartache figuring it all out by trial and error and take this masterclass!” – Kim O’Connor

“As a homeschool mom of a 6 year old, this class really helped me realize some of the things that we are doing GREAT and some things that we need to change in our current homeschool situation. The team was amazing and supportive of every single participant and even though it is A LOT of information I really recommend it for those that are starting or are in the beginner years of this amazing journey of homeschooling.” – Diana Barrera

“When we are equipped with the tools to discern the strengths and challenges of our children, are aware of the various methodologies available, and have a focused mission we can curate an incredible educational experience for our homeschoolers. This masterclass is the instruction manual, giving us a guide on how to use the tools we need to be successful on our homeschool learning journey.” – Sheila

“The Masterclass with Blair Lee went far beyond the curriculum. While the curriculum clarified the path I want to take when crafting my child’s education, the community we’re building with parents is equally valuable. The shared experiences and learning are well worth the investment and I know that I’ll be returning to the content, advice, and tools throughout our journey.” – Una Hartzell-Baird

“Blair is so compassionate in her approach to helping parents figure out the best form of homeschooling for their children. The Masterclass was eye opening for me in understanding why certain subjects were frustrating for us!” – Shoba

“If you’re new to homeschooling, this is the Master Class that you can’t miss. I appreciated Blair’s experience as a secular homeschooling parent and her advice on what is most important when choosing to homeschool your child.” – Filipina Pate

“Absolutely love the contents, discussions and openness of everyone to share ideas. It’s really informative and got me to thinking how I could apply what I learnt to our homeschool journey.” – Faith Sison

How to Homeschool 101 Masterclass
May 2021

There are many different reasons why people homeschool. Some come to homeschool to provide a learner-centered education for their children. For others their child has a medical reason. For others their child’s learning needs are not being met by the traditional school… The list could go on, as there are myriad reasons people decide to homeschool children.

While there are many different reasons for homeschooling, most homeschoolers at some point would like Help with Your Homeschool. Providing a meaningful learner-centered environment is hard work, and it requires a lot of brain power! At some point, every homeschooler would like some help from someone who has been where they are and done it! From preschool through college, when traditional school teachers need help they have coworkers to get it from who they brainstorm with. Each year teachers have online (now) and in-person (pre-Covid) educator’s conferences they attend. They go to sessions to get help and information about teaching. Wouldn’t it be great if the same tools were available for home educators?

Now there are. If you have been homeschooling for a while and need help and brainstorming with an experienced homeschooler and educator the new Help with Your Homeschool Masterclass was designed for you. Join Blair Lee as we deep dive into your homeschool triumphs and challenges and use that information to help you to handcraft a journey through learning that honors and elevates your learner’s unique intellect.

Help with Your Homeschool Masterclass
June 2021

­­Your child’s education can give them the tools they need to do what they want with their one wild and precious life. By handcrafting your child’s education, you can help make that happen. That is because a handcrafted education honors the strengths, challenges, and passions of the learner. It connects learners with their unique intellect, with who they really are. A handcrafted education empowers students to become lifelong learners.

That sounds great doesn’t it? The real question is, how do you handcraft an education that does that? The How to Homeschool 101 Masterclass has been handcrafted to help you with the how of handcrafting a child’s journey through learning. This masterclass will help you craft something unique, innovative, organic, learner-centered, and academically-rich.

If you are new to homeschooling or it is early in your homeschool journey The How to Homeschool 101 Masterclass was designed for you. We’ll go beyond just the usual homeschool 101 basics by helping you get to know your child as a learner and empower you to use that newfound knowledge to handcraft a learner-centered journey that is academically-rich, personal, and meaningful for your child and your entire family.

Still deciding which one is best for you? Contact us at with your questions and we will help you select the Masterclass that will best fit your needs.