Masterclasses for Homeschooling Parents & Educators

Personalized Classes To Meet Your Needs

Turn Your Secular Homeschooling Dreams Into A Reality

Join SEA founder Blair Lee for one of these personalized Secular Homeschooling Masterclasses. Choose the class that best meets your needs and helps you turn your homeschool dreams into reality. Blair will work with you as you craft something innovative, academically-rich, alternative, and true to who you and your children are. The size of these groups has been designed to be large enough to get more than one perspective and intimate enough so that there is time to focus on all attendees, including you.

Contact SEA Homeschoolers to learn more about our secular homeschooling masterclass offerings — we’re more than happy to talk with you about what masterclass would best fit your needs!

Gain The Tools & Community You Need To Homeschool At Your Best

In a country with a public school system, it goes without saying that homeschoolers are dreamers. No matter what your reason for homeschooling is or how practical you consider yourself to be, you would not be homeschooling if you did not dream of empowering and turning on your child’s unique intellect. How could there be any more important sphere to be a dreamer in than working in a hands-on way to nurture your learner?

The goal of these Masterclasses is to help you realize your secular homeschooling dreams and to help you figure out how to handcraft to facilitate your child’s learning journey in a way that helps them have all the tools they need to live their one wild and precious life! Through the use of newly designed onboarding questionnaires, each Masterclass will be tailored to best meet the needs of each attendee. During these handcrafted Masterclasses, we will work together and brainstorm as we share struggles, concerns, advice, and successes. 

“I came out of the Masterclass with renewed commitment, clarity, and insight about my and my son’s academic strengths, challenges, and passions that will guide us in the year (or years!) to come. Thank you, Blair Lee and SEA Homeschoolers for helping me chart the direction that will serve my son best!” – Noelani P.

“Our family is preparing to homeschool for the first time. This class was invaluable to my understanding of how the homeschool world works and what our family needs to do to prepare. Two thumbs up.” – Christina

“The Masterclass with Blair Lee went far beyond the curriculum. While the curriculum clarified the path I want to take when crafting my child’s education, the community we’re building with parents is equally valuable. The shared experiences and learning are well worth the investment and I know that I’ll be returning to the content, advice, and tools throughout our journey.” – Una H.

“When we are equipped with the tools to discern the strengths and challenges of our children, are aware of the various methodologies available, and have a focused mission we can curate an incredible educational experience for our homeschoolers. This masterclass is the instruction manual, giving us a guide on how to use the tools we need to be successful on our homeschool learning journey.” – Sheila

Summer Intensive Masterclass - Develop The Plan For Your Year In 5 Weeks!

Developing a learner-centered, journey-focused yearlong course of study that is innovative, academically rich, alternative, and true to who you and your children are sounds like something everyone should want to do, doesn’t it? Deciding you want to handcraft your child’s education is one thing. How do you do it though?

Join Blair Lee for this personalized Summer Intensive

The Intensive is designed to help take all the stress out of planning a learner-centered, journey-focused year of study. During this 5-week program, Blair will go over specific curricula and critically evaluate them for “best-fit” for the student; teach the basics of planning projects and unit studies tailored to the specific needs of attendees; help home educators find balance; and have individual sessions about handcrafting your journey through learning in elementary, middle, and high school.

How To Homeschool 101

If you are new to homeschooling or it is early in your homeschool journey, The How to Homeschool 101 Masterclass was designed for you. We’ll go beyond just the usual homeschool 101 basics by helping you get to know your child as a learner and empower you to use that newfound knowledge to handcraft a learner-centered journey that is academically-rich, personal, and meaningful for your child and your entire family.

Empower your child's life with a handcrafted education.

Your child’s education can give them the tools they need to do what they want with their one wild and precious life.  By handcrafting your child’s education, you can help make that happen.  That is because a handcrafted education honors the strengths, challenges, and passions of the learner. It connects learners with their unique intellect, with who they really are. A handcrafted education empowers students to become lifelong learners.

SEA Homeschoolers Is Here To Help — Wherever You Are In Your Homeschooling Journey!

Whether you’ve been homeschooling for years or are just starting out, SEA is here to support your learning journey. Our Masterclasses are available several times a year and tailored to the specific needs of the individuals enrolled in the course.

More so, when you join SEA, you become a part of the more than 100,000 families in our diverse homeschool community. As you meet SEA Homeschoolers, we’re confident that you’ll be able to find people who share your values and approach to homeschooling! Our Facebook groups function as a forum where you can connect with others and ask any questions you may have about secular homeschooling.