Narration is a foundational tool in the Charlotte Mason toolbox. It’s all about our students learning to disseminate their readings and put it into their own words. While this may seem dry, rote, and uninteresting – narration can be not only a powerful way to retain information, but it is also one of the BEST ways to foster those big juicy conversations with our children. And we all know that those conversations are where the real magic happens.


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Narration Not Regurgitation: Using the Art of Narration to Foster BIG Conversations with our Children

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Nadine is a homeschool blogger, homeschooler, coffee addict, and obsessive lover of books. Nadine is mama to two great kids and the lucky wife to one amazing guy. While her homeschool is deeply inspired by Charlotte Mason’s writings, she is above all a passionate advocate for making our homeschools unique and individualized. Her blog, Up Above The Rowan Tree is a safe space for secular homeschoolers – where she focuses on sharing great products, encouragement, and little tidbits of her own journey as a secular home educator.

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