SEA Homeschoolers started because I wanted a community where I could talk about how to provide an innovative, academically rich journey through learning for my son, something that was eclectic, profound, and meaningful. That is what I aspire to, but like most journeys there have been highs and lows, and we do not always get there smoothly. Almost every high point came with a great deal of help, much of it from my fellow secular, eclectic, academic homeschoolers (even before there was a SEA Homeschoolers.)

My son is 17-years-old, so I am coming to the end of my homeschooling journey. When I think of what would have helped most when times were tough, it would have been to get help from people who were experts in the areas we struggled with, such as GROAN…. spelling and art. My son struggled so with spelling. Art, which my son loves, is not my super power.

Realizing how helpful it would be for homeschoolers to get help with subjects that are a challenge for them and their children is how the idea for the structure and focus of the SEA Homeschoolers Online Conference came to be. Each talk focuses on how to facilitate learning in a specific academic area. The speakers all have experience helping homeschoolers in the area they are speaking about. I really hope that these talks provide a benefit to our community. I hope they can help you take those lows and turn them upside down to highs!

Much Love, Blair

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