Learning About Law & Government In An Era of “Fake News”

Today, media sources themselves are coming under attack as untrustworthy, with unscrupulous individuals trying to convince you that real developments are “fake news,” while promoting false stories as the truth. When those stories are cloaked in legal jargon (like “preliminary injunctive relief,” “en banc rehearing,” “certiorari” and “mandamus,” among others), it can be difficult to figure out what the truth really is. Illustrated by legal scams and stories that have fooled millions, this entertaining speech from practicing attorney and co-host of the “Opening Arguments” podcast P. Andrew Torrez will arm you with the techniques and principles you need to discern fact from fiction and real news from “fake news.” A homeschool parent himself, Torrez will help arm parents and students alike with the ability to incorporate the news into your homeschool curriculum.

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018
P. Andrew Torrez’s Biography

After nearly 20 years in big firms, P. Andrew Torrez founded his own law firm in 2015 to serve start-up and small businesses in Maryland and the District of Columbia. In 2016, he started the podcast Opening Arguments to explain legal concepts in the news to non-lawyers; today, the show is one of the most popular news & politics podcasts with over 2.5 million downloads to date. Andrew Torrez is a 1997 graduate of Harvard Law School with honors, is a member of the Board of Governors of the Maryland chapter of the Federal Bar Association, has been named a Fellow of the American Bar Association, and has been repeatedly honored as one of Maryland’s top lawyers.

Torrez is active in the skeptic, secular, and atheist communities and has partnered with organizations such as the National Capitol Area Skeptics, the Australian Skeptics, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation.


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