Building a Homeschool Co-op from Scratch: the behind-the-scenes story of STAC, a secular, inclusive community of learners

Homeschoolers all dream of their perfect co-op, their perfect line-up of classes, and their perfect community to spend time in. In this panel, you’ll hear from the founders of Space, Time, and Community (STAC) co-op about how we, very imperfectly but successfully, started our own secular, inclusive homeschooling co-op and community. We will share tips and pitfalls, lofty goals and down-to-earth reality, the whole nitty-gritty and sometimes fun stories. We’ll tell you what we learned about becoming a non-profit, building a budget, finding a location, attracting the teachers who fit, and getting the word out. We’ll talk about how we differentiate ourselves from other homeschool co-ops in our area (being secular is only one of the ways!). You’ll learn about STAC’s mission statement and how it translates into our everyday practices, and you’ll come away with an idea of how to get started on building your own homeschool co-op from scratch, continuing to improve the co-op you are in, or joining us in our mission (we’d love to get to know you!). We promise that we bring the fun to everything we do, even talking about budgets, so you’ll walk away smiling and encouraged.

Speakers for this panel discussion include the following:

Kelly Elmore: board president, parent and teacher
Jenn Casey: board VP, parent and teacher
Dawn Bacak: board secretary and parent
Darby Kennedy: board treasurer, parent and teacher
Mel Williams: board member, parent and teacher
Libby Mathis: board member and parent
Laura Hart: board member and parent

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