Bugging Around: Insects eBook


Bugging Around: Insects is the perfect educational companion for a backyard bug safari, teaching kids all about the wild things they’ll find in their community! This activity workbook is filled with 50 pages of information, games, activities, and exercises for a student to complete and keep. Some of the things your student will learn in Bugging Around: Insects includes • Arthropod overview • Insect classification • Lifecycles and metamorphosis • Capturing and identifying local insects • Food webs • Writing a scientific narrative • Insect observation sheets • Additional resources All KidQuest Science Adventure books are designed with three primary sections – Before You Go, In the Field, and Back at the Lab. “Before You Go” teaches the basics about the topic to prepare for your field work. “In the Field” is full of hands on activities that get kids out and experiencing science first hand. “Back at the Lab” pulls the information together and asks kids to synthesize new information based on what they’ve learned and experienced so far. These books are also designed to appeal to a multitude of learning styles. We always include drawing, reading, writing, discussion, hands-on, and open creative so kids of all styles can benefit from it. They also include lots of brilliant photos and graphics in a colorful, engaging format to make them fun an interesting.