Money and Me
This session is a fun and interactive conversation for children ages 7 to 11. Money and Me teaches kids about the importance of creating income. Your child will learn to brainstorm about their own personal financial goals and plot a path to that dream.

Parent, Child and Money
This session is for parents with children ages 4 to 16. In this session you will learn how to teach your children about money. Learn what and when you should be teaching your child. You will receive easy tips and techniques that can be used daily to teach your child about money.

Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Raeshal’s Biography

Raeshal Solomon is a mother, author, speaker, blogcaster, and a financial teacher. Raeshal helps people to understand the basic money management. Raeshal is also enthusiastic about combining her love of creating books and money management. Raeshal writes financial literacy children books that teach lessons like earning, saving, investing, and giving. Raeshal host two online radio podcast “Raeshal Speaks,” and “Billionaire Minds,” you can tune three days a week to hear her teaching about Money and Business. Raeshal teaches financial literacy to students all over the country. She is a contributor to an adult finance book called the Smell of Poverty. She is eager to share her knowledge with parents, so they can teach their young children these easy to learn lessons. She has been a speaker at conferences like Writing With Purpose, Content Craft, and Financially Fit Empowerment Worksheet. She featured on Moneyish / Dow Jone, Atlanta Black Star, Us News Today, and many other blogs and podcast.

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