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Is this item secular?


Does the manufacturer have frequent sales?


Basic Structure
  • Print

Grade Level Per Reviewer
  • All Grade Levels

Grade Level Per Manufacturer
  • All Grade Levels

Can this material be used for project-based learning, in a way that it can be used to teach multiple subjects?


Are the materials free of cultural bias and stereotyping?


Is this product:
  • Child-Led
  • Collaborative
  • Independent
  • Instructor Driven
  • Project-Based
  • Unschooling

Is this product is a good fit for the following type of learner?
  • All Types of Learners
  • Reading/Writing

  • Complete Year Long

Are the Academic Goals quantifiable?


Are the materials Common Core, or do they claim to meet state or national standards?


Are there multimedia features or suggestions for additional resources when students become engaged with specific topics?


Is the material innovative and eclectic? Does the material motivate the learner and lead to engaging questions and rabbit holes?


Additional Comments

The Global Village School (GVS) curriculum is a social justice / environmentally- focused curriculum. It is primarily a list of resources with a variety of suggestions on how to facilitate learning. It encourages project-based, child-guided learning. The book suggestions include age-appropriate books on multiple topics including, myths, religion, and sexuality (including LGBT issues). GVS provides a variety of ways to approach topics, but they do not provide worksheets nor daily lessons. This allows the parent to be as structures or unstructured as they like. GVS also has a school program separate from the curriculum, that can provide records of enrollment, as well as teacher support for the family. *Note that this review covers the K-8 curriculum guides. High school is a separate program.

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