Heart And Soul: The Story of America and African Americans

Heart And Soul: The Story of America and African Americans

This hybrid class will consist of three weeks self paced work and a monthly come together where students can present their favorite topics and discuss the African American stories in more depth.

Class Duration:

January 21-April 8

Class Size: 8-12 learners

Age Range: 6-9

Total Price: $250

This class is a twelve week series of interactive storytelling videos where I will re-enact the chapter and include an activity to be completed during the week. Students will then choose one completed activity to share with us at the monthly come together.

This is a gentle yet truthful journey of African-American/ American history. Students should each have their own copy of the text.

Live Sessions:

The last Thursday of each month at 4pm Eastern/3pm Central/2pm Mountain/1pm Pacific

A copy of the book Heart And Soul, The History of America and African Americans

30-45 minutes weekly

Parental assistance depending on developmental needs.

Students will explore the challenges, resolve, and contributions of
African Americans. They will leave the course with a firm
understanding that African American history is indeed American

Students will be given atleast two choices weekly in their at home activities.

This text, although gentle, is an honest look at history and therefore will include some violence, discrimination, and hard discussions as it relates to African-Americans. I will soften language when appropriate given the young age of the students.

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