Mindfulness for Youth (Ages 13-17)

Mindfulness for Youth (Ages 13-17)

Mindfulness teaches young people crucial interpersonal and inTRApersonal skills they need to cultivate in order to have healthy, mutual relationships with clear boundaries and expectations. Everyone needs to learn how to identify their own emotions and as well as their patterns in thought and behavior, and figure out whether what they’re currently doing is adaptive or maladaptive. This course is an exploration into our inner lives and how to most skillfully handle them.

What Makes SEA Online Classes Special

Class Duration: Wednesday, September 2 – Wednesday, October 7

Class Size: 10-20 learners

Age Range: 13-17

Total Price: $125
Two Siblings: $200
(Included at no cost with purchase of adult MBSR course.)

Emotional Intelligence isn’t something taught in conventional schools and even in many unconventional schools. Yet we use it every day, at every age and stage, no matter who we are.
From being able to pay attention and then to concentrate; to being able to identify the unique fingerprint of your emotions and notice when they begin to arise; to being able to find some stillness and listen deeply; to being able to calmly communicate what you need, what you are thinking, or how you are feeling–all of these are skills that can be learned, cultivated, and practiced.
The result? Improved focus, relationships, empathy, stress reduction, general well-being, and happiness.
6 Wednesdays, beginning September 2, from 12pm-12:45pm, Eastern
Computer or tablet with webcam and microphone. Phone is less ideal but possible.
In addition to the 45 minute class, 10-20 minutes/day
Understand spoken English
Focus, resilience, empathy, listening, emotional regulation, self-awareness, communication
I am available after each class and between classes.
Although there is a curriculum, which is a blended version of Mindful Schools and MBSR, as I am trained in both, the class ends up being led by the learners. What arises in them and what they articulate during inquiry directs the classes.

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