September Tween Book Club: Amy’s Eyes 2020

September Tween Book Club: Amy's Eyes

“Amy’s Eyes is one of the most startling, compelling novels to be published as children’s literature in recent years. The story embraces practically every element of a classic fantasy adventure: a poor, gentle, noble child in an orphanage; a mean and spiteful woman to plague the child; a kind and loving protector; sailing ships and pirates and a search for a golden treasure.” – The Seattle Times

The live month of this class has ended, but it is available as a self-paced option and includes the following:

      • * A suggested reading schedule
      • * A PDF reading guide with comprehension questions
      • * Vocabulary activities
      • * Writing/multimodal project prompts related to the reading

What Makes SEA Online Classes Special

Self-Paced classes can be started at any time and completed at your own pace.

Suggested Age Range: 9-12

$5 for Self-Paced Class

All participants will need to secure their own copy of the book. Used, borrowed, or electronic versions are all acceptable.

Between reading the book and participating in supplemental activities, participants can expect to spend between 1 and 3 hours a week on class activities for about one month. Those who choose to do the final project (with or without the feedback add-on) can expect to spend 4-5 additional hours on that project.

The book club discussion boards and live discussion are extemporaneous and therefore somewhat unpredictable. Facilitators will do their best to ensure positive, supportive interactions.

Families are encouraged to check reviews and content notes for each individual book in the book club to ensure it is a good fit for them.