I drew two Breaking Bad characters, read  a two hundred and something page manga. My name is Sean, and I was sick, On The Last Day of working with the kids at Vidya! :(! I was shivering and it was not very fun, not very fun at all. The kids missed me, but I get one more day with them when I get back to Delhi in a few days, so I guess it’s still pretty good.

It was very hard to leave the kids, because it was the first time in my life that I felt like I was making a difference in a the world. It was like driving 100 Prius’s and recycling 1000 bottles, and a big plus was that almost all the little kids liked me.






Oh yeah and I got to get very personal with a monkey.

And I was very frightened.

And no there are no good pictures.

Turns out monkeys are just greedy and want your peanuts. I saw a mother throw her little baby away just to take all of the nuts from my hands, but she couldn’t get them all because her hands were too small, so she just pushed the rest of them on the ground. On the bright side, none of us contracted rabies. No monkeys aren’t all bad just the ones that chase you and want to kill you. Oh and don’t look them in the eye. It provokes them. They’re beginning to sound more like evil demonic creatures than cute cuddly fluff balls, huh?

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