How is school going so far? Things are going fairly well here. LOL, there hasn’t been enough time for anything to get too out of kilter. We are in the transition stage, where the focus is on academics, making sure Sean has the skills he will need in college (time management is not his super power), and deciding where Sean wants to go to college. I am loving where we are right now (most days, 17 year-olds do have their moments), and missing where we have been. That is what it is probably like for most homeschooling parents as the end nears and a new beginning is close upon us.

I was recently honored to be asked to deliver the commencement speech at the high school graduation put on by the California Homeschool Network. It was a special moment to be on the stage with the graduates as one journey came to an end and another one begins. The ceremony was thoughtful and lovely. Students and parents had the opportunity to speak about their journeys and award certificates and diplomas to their graduating seniors. When we got home Sean came up to me and hugged me and told me he is glad we chose the journey we did. (I cried at the ceremony and when Sean told me that. Just so you know, just like most parents, I am insecure sometimes about some of the choices we have made.)

I promise we will have a graduation at the SEA Conference in Chicago in 2018! Start planning for it if you have a senior.

That’s right, a location has been chosen: Chicago 2018. In 2019, we plan on having two (as we call them) in-real-life conferences, one in Denver and one in Atlanta.

For those of you who cannot make the in-real-life conferences, we have two online conferences each year. Our conference sponsor for the online conferences makes these conferences free of charge to all attendees. THANK YOU OUTSCHOOL!

The giveaway this month is for 3 copies of my book The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course. In addition to giving away three copies to subscribers, I am donating copies to anyone whose copy was damaged in the flooding in Houston or in Florida. Please contact me at [email protected] if you were affected.

Much Love, Blair

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