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Letter from the Editor, September 2017

How is school going so far? Things are going fairly well here. LOL, there hasn’t been enough time for anything to get too out of kilter. We are in the transition stage, where the focus is on academics, making sure Sean has the skills he will need in college (time management is not his super power), and deciding where Sean wants to go to college. I am loving where we are right now (most days, 17 year-olds do have their moments), and missing where we have been. That is what it is probably like for most homeschooling parents as the end nears and a new beginning is close upon us.

I was recently honored to be asked to deliver the commencement speech… Read More

Is your Internet slow?

It’s so frustrating when technology gets in the way of learning. You’re trying to open a Khan Academy video, or installing Minecraft, or just clicking links on Wikipedia, and it’s taking forever to  ….. Read More




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How to Get Started with Coding



This article was originally written in 2015.
It was rewritten on 9/6/2017 with links to new programs. 
Those are at the bottom of this article.

If I were to give one piece of advice to new programmers it would be to have fun. A popular stigma is that programming is a monotonous task where geeks stare at screens of gibberish day and night. But this is not true, except sometimes….
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Lindsey Tropf of Immersed Games talks about Tyto Online, an exciting and fun MMORPG that teaches real science.
If you decide that educational games might be useful for your child, it might seem like there are way too many things to consider. How popular they are, what themes and subjects to focus on, how recommended….Read More


Live Online Classes with

This article is based on a talk I gave at the SEA Homeschoolers conference in Shepherdstown, WV on June 2, 2017. I proposed the session because live online learning is a relatively new format with interesting characteristics that not only make it beneficial to homeschoolers, but give it the potential to transform K-12 education as a whole.

With over 1,500 classes, Outschool is the perfect choice to add breadth and depth to your child’s course of study……Read More

Learning through Making: In a Nutshell

Throughout our evolution as humans, we have always learned best by doing. While our current public education model has veered away from developmental science, as home educators we have the opportunity to embrace this curiosity and experimentation in our daily lives. Making and Hacking supports learners and can be integrated into every method or philosophy of homeschooling, and into every subject. Kinesthetic moments are the keystones to lifelong learning because they embody the essence of a skill or topic, not just the knowledge we are trying to impart. This flexibility and adaptability around skills and concepts is essential to building an education for our kids that meets a quickly evolving world.
Please join me, Samantha Cook, at the online SEA Homeschool Online Conference for a demonstration and discussion on how to integrate more STEAM education and Tinkering into your home education, how to create a makerspace at home, how to expand any idea or interest, and simple ways to make any area of study have a kinesthetic moment!

An Interview with Sean Lee: 

Working His Passion

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