Project Presentation

SEA Homeschoolers is having a raffle to kickoff our new service project! We are partnering with nonprofit organization Bringing Food Forrest to NE Florida to hold a Permaculture Design course on the Lakota Reservation at Pine Ridge that includes building a sustainable green house and starting a food forest. Pine Ridge residents experience an extreme lack of access to fresh fruits and vegetables year round due to remoteness, severe poverty and cultural decimation of traditional food sourcing. The most heavily impacted include children, elderly and veteran populations. Our goal would be to stretch that season by installation of a sustainably built greenhouse allowing an extended farm fresh produce season on site. Given the devastating impact that food insecurity can have on health status, not only would a food forest garden help ameliorate a financial burden on tribal members, but it would impact the disproportionate negative health outcomes suffered by tribal members due to extreme food poverty issues.

Raffle tickets can be purchased in our shop, 1 ticket for $5, 5 tickets for $20, and 15 tickets for $50. Winners will be randomly selected on Wednesday July 5, 2017. Winners will receive an email asking them to select their prize. Prizes will be available to winners on a first come first served basis, so be sure to check your email!

We have some awesome educational prizes! All prizes are in digital format.


Build Your Library –

One full year program of the winner’s choice. (1 prize available)

Find more information about Build Your Library and program choices at


Pandia Press –

One e-book of REAL Science Odyssey Chemistry 1, or equivalent e-book course of the winner’s choice. (1 prize available)

Find more information about REAL Science Odyssey at


Be Naturally Curious –  

A full set of digital (PDF) mini-courses for one homeschool group/science co-op of up to 15 families, each family would receive a full set of of PDF’s. (1 prize available)

Find more information about Be Naturally Curious at


Blair Lee, M.S. –

One e-book copy of The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-on Course with all Kickstarter stretch goals that are reached by the end of the Kickstarter campaign. This prize will be sent when the book is released. (1 prize available)

Find more information about The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-on Course and the stretch goals at




Nitty Gritty Science –

One digital copy of Earth Science Interactive Notebook. Includes 54 interactive activities aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards designed to increase students’ engagement in note taking and processing, notes for each chapter, and mini-quizzes to follow each INB activity. (1 prize available)

Find more information on Nitty Gritty Science and their interactive notebooks at


Brave Writer –

One e-book copy of The Writer’s Jungle (1 prize available)

Find more information about Brave Writer and The Writer’s Jungle at


Immersed Games –

A one year subscriptions to the new STEM online video game Tyto Online supplied through the SEA Homeschoolers group buy. (1 prize available)

Find more information about Tyto Online and SEA Homeschoolers Group Buy exclusive bonuses at and try the game now with an extended free trial using code SEA2017 at


Here is a link to the BFFTNEF website so you can learn more about this wonderful organization.


Thank you to all of our generous donors and everyone who participates for supporting this cause.