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Homeschool Teacher  is a guide for families new to homeschooling, old hands looking for ideas, and parents wanting to help their children after school.


Based on twelve years of homeschooling experience and academic research, Homeschool Teacher  covers how we learn, teaching tactics, specific recommendations for subject areas, how to choose the best curriculum for your family and situation, and above all, how to make school rigorous and interesting, academic and practical.  Homeschool Teacher  demonstrates how to meld the best of traditional academics and child-led learning to develop an individual program that will maximize your child’s potential.

Author Kate Laird

Reviews  for  Homeschool Teacher

“This is the book you will want to read when you begin homeschooling. It demonstrates how a rigorous, academic approach to schooling can be achieved in the minimum amount of time each day, and will instill a love for learning and knowledge in your children.” —

“I recommend  Homeschool Teacher  unequivocally. It is filled with sound advice and learning practices. There were reassurances that “you have got this”, which is something even a veteran homeschooler likes to hear. Laird does all of this while weaving in the cool adventure that is her family’s lifestyle.   As Laird herself will tell you, you won’t agree with everything in her book, or maybe you will. There is enough practical and important information in this book to make it an essential book to have in the bookshelf of any homeschooling parent. My only complaint about this book is that I didn’t read it until Sean was 16 years old.” — Secular Eclectic Academic Homeschoolers,

“I cracked it open for a quick look and was hooked in the first pages. WHERE WAS THIS BOOK WHEN WE WERE PLANNING TO TAKE OFF? … This book would have put my fears to bed and given me the tangible direction I craved.  Homeschool Teacher  is clearly and simply written, and aligns spectacularly well to support what *most cruisers actually do* — that is, draw from an eclectic mix of resources and curricula to fit a child/family.” — Behan Gifford, author of  Voyaging With Kids,


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