Lego free build with optional design challenges

Session Description

Free build with Lego bricks, wheels, gears, motors, and sensors. Kids work individually or as groups to build vehicles, towers, bridges, villages and engage in creative Lego play. This is a child-led adult supervised activity. Open to kids 6 and up.

Best session length 1-2 hours. No adults helpers needed. Kids will need to help clean up bricks at end of session (about 5 minutes).


Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Susan’s Biography

Susan O’Donnell is a homeschool parent of two active 8 year old twin boys. She is a strong believer in child-led learning through hands-on, creative projects and experimental play. She and her family are active members of the LEAD homeschool community in Atlanta, GA. She also has a BA from Johns Hopkins University and MS from Emory University with extensive training in mathematics and statistics; she is a freelance statistician for the Centers for Disease Control in her spare time.

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