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Is this item secular?





Does the manufacturer have frequent sales?


Basic Structure
  • Digital Media
  • Print
Grade Level Per Reviewer
  • Early Elementary
  • Elementary
Grade Level Per Manufacturer
  • Early Elementary
  • Elementary
Can this material be used for project-based learning, in a way that it can be used to teach multiple subjects?


Are the materials free of cultural bias and stereotyping?


Is this product:
  • Classical
  • Collaborative
Is this product is a good fit for the following type of learner?
  • All Types of Learners
  • Complete Year Long
Are the Academic Goals quantifiable?

The children create some products, but there are no rubrics or recommended grading structures

Are the materials Common Core, or do they claim to meet state or national standards?


Are there multimedia features or suggestions for additional resources when students become engaged with specific topics?


Is the material innovative and eclectic? Does the material motivate the learner and lead to engaging questions and rabbit holes?


Additional Comments

This is our second year using the level 1 series of History Odyssey. We don't use the Child's History of the World recommendation (I really don't like that book), don't read all the Story of the World recommendations (we do some, but my daughter gets bored if we read them too often), and instead add in Usborne books for world history often. I love the plethora of recommended books for each week! We usually pick one or two to read, and I actually use the books this year as readers for my daughter who is completing this program as she isn't doing a formal reading curriculum. I see value in the word definitions it recommends, though my daughter fights me on the writing so we often don't do that part. We do complete the map activities, and some of the various recommended hands on or art projects. The options within this program are great!!

What did you think of it?5 - Loved it

What did your children think of it?4