Mari Beth Buckroth

Using Literature & Living Books to provide a Liberal Arts, College-Preparatory Program of Study for High School

How can you create a literature & living books, liberal arts, college prep, high school education, in an interconnected, long-range, cross curriculum program of study?

This talk, by Mari, describes how she created a program that encompasses the Humanities (Literature & Composition, History, and Philosophy), Social Sciences Anthropology, Economics, Government, Civics, Geography, Psychology), and the Creative Arts (Fine Arts, Theatre, Speech, Creative Writing), and will help you do so as well.

Lisa Hawkins

Building a More Powerful History Curriculum with Primary Documents: The Study of the Past as Window, Mirror, and Lamp

How can an old photograph, some ancient statues, and a colonial bestseller equip you to teach the past better? How can you make history be not only a better window into the past, but also a useful mirror for the present and a vital lamp into the future? See how your history education can be much more than learning about the stuff that happened before today. A well-considered history curriculum, using primary documents in creative ways, can become a powerful ally in your quest to cultivate critical thinking, healthy self-reflection, and productive social engagement in your children.