101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math eBook


101 Things Everyone Should Know about Math  is a great source of  math  facts for children and a quick, fun refresher for adults. The problems are accessible, funny, and informative!


Math is a critical part of our everyday lives. This award-winning book,  101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math,  helps you understand how you use math dozens of times”every day. With entertaining connections to sports, hobbies, science, food, and travel, mathematical concepts are simplified and explained using clear, real-life explanations. You’ll even learn some fun trivia and math history! Using an engaging question-and-answer format, 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math is perfect for kids, parents, educators, and anyone interested in the difference between an Olympic event score of 9.0 and Richter scale score of 9.0. Written by engineer Marc Zev, mathematician Kevin B. Segal, and educator Nathan Levy, this book is designed for students ages 10-14/grades 5-9.

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Grade Level for 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math

  • Upper Elementary
  • Middle School

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Reviews for 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math

œAs a homeschooling mom of three boys, I found this book to be an enjoyable family-fun game and an excellent teaching tool! The questions are challenging and great homeschool problems. We loved the fact that the problems are easy enough to do in the car”no need to break out a calculator or pencil and paper! Plus, the included math resources and tables are great knowledge foundations in themselves.
”Kathy Savage, Homeschool teacher, M.S. Developmental Psychobiology

œA wonderful collection of facts and trivia that can inspire children of all ages to think about and use math in their lives. The breadth of coverage and easy-to-understand explanations inside this little book can make math a subject of interest and relevance for all.
”Patrick Farenga, co-author of Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling

“This book is a great supplement, both for math loving kids and kids who struggle to connect math to real world situations, in mid-elementary through middle school grades. It uses a Q&A format to connect math to sports, science, hobbies, careers, and pop culture through trivia, challenges, and a bit of math history. We have had a lot of fun in my house using this book to create game show style math trivia nights.”
”Kat Hutcheson, Homeschooling Mom and Director of Sales and Marketing for SEA Homeschoolers, April 2018


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