Amazing Animal Migrations


Amazing Animal Migrations  is a  colorful, interactive, and in-depth introduction to the science explaining the fascinating topic of animal migration. This mini-course, unit-study is provided as a 36-page PDF  including a Science Tool Kit PDF to collect your badges.

Valerie shares tips and strategies for teaching real (and super cool) scientific concepts to young kids.


Have you ever seen geese flying in a V-formation? They are probably  migrating, moving from one place to another. In  Amazing Animal Migrations  from Be Naturally Curious you will learn why many animals migrate, and the fascinating strategies they use to do so. You will be introduced to all sorts of animals, from the well-known Humpback Whale, to the Leatherback Sea Turtle, to the tiny Globe Skimmer. The activities in  Amazing Animal Migrations  help kids develop a vivid and detailed picture of the beautifully diverse world of animals around us, as well as foster an understanding of how human actions have an effect on other animals.

Mini-course is provided as a 35-page PDF including a Science Tool Kit PDF page to collect your badges.

Course Contents of  Amazing Animal Migrations
  • The Migration Awards.  Join your host, Pedro Penguin, as he introduces this year’s Migration Awards. Not only will you learn about all kinds of animals that migrate, you will use paper and scissors to help understand  why  they migrate!
  • Activity 1.  You’re a Salmon!  Use the included board game to understand the life cycle and migration route of a Pacific Salmon. Will you be the first to reach the spawning grounds?
  • Activity 2.  Migration Mapping. Learn more about a migrating animal of your choice and use the included Research Journal and map worksheets to create your own migration map.
  • Activity 3.  Fly Like a Goose.  Flying a long distance is hard. See what it’s like to be part of a migrating flock of geese in this movement-based activity!
  • Activity 4.Tracking Monarchs.  Become involved in an international Citizen Science project as you make observations on the annual Monarch Butterfly Migration and record them in the included Field Journal. Not near migrating monarchs? No problem, other citizen science projects are also introduced.
  • Curiosity Connector.  Use these videos, photo galleries, and Citizen Science links to enrich your understanding of animal migrations.
  • Tools for Your Tool Kit.  Demonstrate your understanding of animal migration and add these concept badges to your Science Tool Kit.
  • Glossary.  Learn the scientific terms to explain how and why animals migrate.
Materials Needed for  Amazing Animal Migrations

Scissors, glue, game markers (coins, beans, or markers from a different game), one die (or spinner from a different game), crayons (or markers or colored pencils), yarn or string, bath towel (one for each child), timer, electric fan.

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