Conceptual Physical Science Full Version Online Course


This engaging course takes learning physical science to a new level by combining Hewitt’s leading conceptual approach with a strong integration of the sciences & quantitative coverage. It focuses on physics and chemistry concepts as they apply to planet Earth and then beyond in the study of astronomy.


Conceptual Physical Science Full Version from Conceptual Academy – High School Level Science

Full Version (16 – 25 weeks)
Recommended for Grades 9+

This comprehensive self-study course collates all 28 chapters of the Conceptual Physical Science textbook into 5 units and a total of 28 lessons (one lesson per chapter). Recommended for grades 10 and above. This is ample material for two semesters of study. Along with a library of video tutorials and reading assignments, included are worksheets, simulations, study advice from the authors, automated quizzes with grade book, complete labs using household materials, and unit exams. This course, adapted from a college level curriculum, provides a strong and enjoyable introduction to physical science for the mature high school student. It also serves well as a precursor to our Conceptual Physics or Conceptual Chemistry courses, which provide greater depth on a broader range of topics. Conceptual Physical Science has grown to become the top selling physical science text within North America.

Review of Conceptual Physical Science Full Version Front Matter, including its table of contents. Here is a link to sample pages from a chapter section on Newton’s second law of motion: Conceptual Physical Science Full Version Sample.

Physical Science

Conceptual Academy has two high school physical science courses. The first course listed above is the full version of our Conceptual Physical Science textbook covering all chapters and recommended for a full academic year of study. The second course is a bit shorter with a focus on physics, astronomy, and chemistry. It too can be spread out over a full academic year but with less intensity and may be a preferred choice for students with a strong interest in astronomy.  Listed on a separate page we also have an even shorter astronomy course that also uses this Conceptual Physical Science textbook. Further there have our physical science explorations course, which uses our Physical Science Explorations textbook and is appropriate for the junior high school level (Grades 7  ).

Conceptual Academy has 11 high school and middle school level science courses.

What You Need

The complete course includes the online course, the textbook, and the supplies needed for the labs. All the labs are designed to be safely performed using only materials from your household or a local discount store. Thank you for being responsible in following common sense safety precautions and procedures.

The text is for sale on Amazon. Conceptual Academy recommends you purchase a used copy or rent the book, to make the course more affordable.

This is an affiliate link to the book. We appreciate your support with a purchase using this affiliate link.

To learn more about this full version physical science course, download its teacher’s manual: Conceptual Physical Science Teachers Manual

Units; 28 Classes

Unit A: Physics I
Unit B: Physics II
Unit C: Chemistry
Unit D: Earth Science
Unit E: Astronomy


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