Storytelling through Song

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Storytelling through Song is a joyful, multi-week, project-based, unit study focused on music appreciation and language arts. It was developed for elementary students. This engaging Unit Study will have your children singing and dancing as they learn about music, song writing, storytelling, mime work, and interpretive dance.


Storytelling through Song

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Storytelling through Song is a multi-week, project-based, unit study developed for elementary students. It is laid out over 12-weeks, but you can easily adapt it to take more or less time. It incorporates storytelling, music appreciation, acting, and performing. Storytelling through Song encourages students to perform, analyze, and appreciate music. Songs that tell stories are essentially essays set to music, making this project-based lesson a great way to liven up your writing lessons. The Unit Study starts by having students investigate the parts of songs that tells stories. Students will write their own storytelling song. After that it looks at one of the most iconic storytelling songs of all time, Peter and the Wolf. Students will listen to this score, learn the story, and then they will learn about the stringed instruments used in Peter and the Wolf. Students will act out the characters and use their imaginations and what they have learned to add to the story.

In Storytelling through Song

  • How music tells a story, using Frosty the Snowman.
  • Activities for writing your own storytelling song.
  • Activities for using Peter and the Wolf to learn how stringed instruments (instead of words) can be used to tell a story.
  • Instructions for investigating and connecting the personalities of story characters and their actions based on the musical key and tempo of the score.
  • Mime activities to bring the characters to life.
  • Instructions for adding your own character to Peter and the Wolf.
  • Composer Study focused on Sergei Prokofiev, author of Peter and the Wolf.

Project-Based, Unit Study, Music Appreciation

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