Best Sellers 2023

Really, I wish more parents would use this course!  ~ Andrew Hessel of the Human Genome Project

The Science of Climate Change: A Hands-On Course  is  an incredible resource  for students and their teachers to learn  about what causes climate change and what we can do in our everyday lives to solve this problem. ~ National Science Teachers Association

People, who want to know more about why they should adopt PBL are going to have all their questions answered right away so they can settle into implementing all the useful, detailed strategies and resources shared.  ~ Jade Rivera, Educator, Micro-School Builder, Gifted and 2E Specialist

Conceptual Science courses use an integrated multimodal approach that benefits all learners. The courses focus on important “conceptual” facts, topics, and information that everyone should know as a part of understanding how the natural and physical world works. These courses are good for learners going into science and for those who are not. ~ Blair Lee, MS

Please, Blair, write more of these unit studies. Storytelling through Song was fun and educational. My kids (all of them) and I loved the activities in it. ~ Linda B. children ages 4, 7, and 9.

This course would be great paired with The Science of Climate Change!

Molecules Are Everywhere is very engaging for a variety of ages, with wonderful illustrations and clever stories. The activities support the concepts in a fun way. ~ Jill Harper

This is the top-selling California State history curriculum for a reason. It is well thought out and project focused. My only complaint is that there is not one for every state. ~ Blair Lee, MS

This is a great course for anyone who would like to show the power of mathematics in allowing us to understand the world around us.

Part stargazing journal and part astronomy lab, The Stargazer’s Notebook provides the ideal instruction manual, planner, journal, and laboratory manual for the astronomy student, amateur stargazer, and anyone else wanting to learn more about the stars, planets, and celestial objects that occupy our skies.

If you think genetics is too complicated for elementary learners, think again. In How Your Genes Work, the Be Naturally Curious series does a masterful job of providing a clear conceptual grounding for understanding basic topics in molecular genetics, such as transcription, translation, and mutations. 

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