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Conceptual Chemistry builds a conceptual base from which students may view nature more perceptively by helping them visualize the behavior of atoms and molecules and showing them how this behavior gives rise to our macroscopic environment. Numerical problem-solving skills and memorization are not stressed. Instead, chemistry concepts are developed in a storytelling fashion, with the frequent use of analogies and tightly integrated illustrations. Questions are designed to challenge students’ understanding of concepts and their ability to synthesize and articulate conclusions.


Conceptual Chemistry Honors Version from Conceptual Academy – High School Level Science

Honors Version (25 – 36 weeks)
Recommended for Grades 9+

Conceptual Chemistry – Honors Version leads the student through the entire Conceptual Chemistry curriculum. Each lesson focuses on a series of related concepts. These lessons build upon each other to create a unit, which has a particular theme, such as the stickiness of molecules. All the units, in turn, combine to give the student a solid foundation in the basic concepts of chemistry and the ability to view nature from the perspective of atoms and molecules. Recommended for motivated students seeking a broad understanding of the concepts of chemistry. Works well as a preparation for college general chemistry, but only when the student also has strong math skills.

Review of Conceptual Chemistry Honors Version Front Matter, including its table of contents. Here are a few sample textbook pages: Conceptual Chemistry Full Version Course Sample.

There are 4 Choices for Conceptual Chemistry

There are four flavors of chemistry courses, each using the Conceptual Chemistry textbook and each presented by its author, John Suchocki.

Conceptual Chemistry Honors Version

Conceptual Chemistry Life Science

Conceptual Chemistry Contextual

Conceptual Chemistry College Prep

Special Announcement:  Please note that each of our chemistry courses align with our new and engaging  Conceptual Chemistry podcast series now available through Apple and other podcast venues.

There are numerous hands-on lab activities within the textbook. However, for a full lab experience  eScience Labs  now offers chemistry lab kits customized to match each of our chemistry courses. A guided inquiry activity manual is also available: Explorations in Conceptual Chemistry: A Student Activity Manual, by Jeff Paradis.

What You Need

The complete course includes the online course, the textbook, and the supplies needed for the labs. The authors have created their own lab manual that comes free with the purchase of this online course. All the labs within this manual are designed to be safely performed using only materials from your household or a local discount store. Thank you for being responsible in following common sense safety precautions and procedures.

The text is for sale on Amazon. Conceptual Academy recommends you purchase a used copy or rent the book, to make the course more affordable.

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Sample Video from Conceptual Chemistry Honors Version

To learn more about this course, please review its teacher’s manual:  Conceptual Chemistry Honors Version Teachers Manual

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6 Units; 35 Classes

Unit A: Elements of Chemistry
Unit B: Atomic Particles
Unit C: Atoms and Molecules
Unit D: Chemical Reactions
Unit E: The Chemistry of Life
Unit F: Environmental Chemistry

Conceptual Physics Teacher John Suchocki

Conceptual Chemistry Full Version, John Suchocki, Conceptual Academy


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