Magic Forest Academy – Mushrooms eBook


In Magic Forest Academy – Mushrooms, budding Mycologists will learn Micro Math, Spore Print Science, and more as they are introduced to a fantastic series of mushroom-themed books. Magic Forest Mushrooms is included in the Autumn Bundle with 12 other secular unit studies.


Magic Forest Academy – Mushrooms: Since Mushrooms are fungi, and fungi is its own kingdom, it seems fitting that we should have a nature-unit devoted to this study. The good news is that mushrooms are such an interesting study! Our budding Mycologists learn Micro Math, Spore Print Science, and are introduced a fantastic series of mushroom themed books. The fun doesn’t stop there though, because in addition to numerous other mushroom themed activities, children learn a bit of embroidery and how to make a Toadstool Salad (one that is edible!!). This unit study can be used independently, or combined with our other nature themes for an inclusive full-year curriculum.

Magic Forest Academy Stage 2 is a robust nature-based secular curriculum designed for ages 7-12, covering 52 unique unit studies in all that naturally flow with the rhythm of the seasons. Each unit study is written as child-led, but easily adaptable as instructional guides for educators to use in individual and group settings. All of our unit studies cover Reading, Math, Science, Arts/Crafts, Games, a Recipe, and numerous Additional Activities on Nature Journaling, Geography, History, Cultural Studies, Field Trips and much more.

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