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SEA Homeschoolers have tips and information for secular homeschoolers about all categories of secular academics. All the articles in this section meet the Secular, Eclectic, Academic Homeschoolers’ definition for what constitutes secular academics.

Handcrafted Education

We are secular, eclectic academic homeschoolers working to create a handcrafted education for our children. We believe the journey through learning should focus on the inherent beauty of learning and the development of life long learners. Read these articles for help handcrafting your child’s education!

Service Projects

Homeschoolers are helping to save the world through their community service!  Learn about service projects, get advice about choosing a service project,  or find out how your family and kids can get involved.


Mixing travel and homeschooling is eclectic, educational, academically-rich, and life changing. Follow the adventures of these world-traveling families as they school around the world, and glean inspiration for your own secular homeschool and secular worldschooling adventures!