Magic Forest Academy – Song & Music eBook


In Magic Forest Academy – Song & Music, kids learn about a famous artist and musician, the lovely music and songs of nature, Musical Math & science, recipes, & more.  Magic Forest Song & Music is included in the Spring Bundle with 12 other secular unit studies.


Magic Forest Academy – Song & Music: With all the lovely music and songs of nature; such as, birds singing, crickets chirping, wind blowing, leaves rustling, water flowing and more, our Music & Songs unit study seems fitting, especially as it contains Musical Math, a fun Musical Plants science experiment, a recommended reading of “Forest Song’ poems and some ‘Melodious Muffins’ to bake. We also learn about the famous artist, Kandinsky, who could ‘Paint Music’. This unit study can be used independently or combined with our other nature themes for an inclusive full-year curriculum.

Magic Forest Academy Stage 2 is a robust nature-based secular curriculum designed for ages 7-12, covering 52 unique unit studies in all that naturally flow with the rhythm of the seasons. Each unit study is written as child-led, but easily adaptable as instructional guides for educators to use in individual and group settings. All of our unit studies cover Reading, Math, Science, Arts/Crafts, Games, a Recipe, and numerous Additional Activities on Nature Journaling, Geography, History, Cultural Studies, Field Trips and much more.

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