See With Your Ears! Dolphin and Bat Echolocation

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See With Your Ears! Dolphin and Bat Echolocation  is a colorful, interactive, and in-depth introduction to the science explaining the fascinating process of echolocation. This mini-course, unit-study is provided as a 36-page PDF including a Science Tool Kit PDF to collect your badges.

Valerie shares tips and strategies for teaching real (and super cool) scientific concepts to young kids.


How are dolphins and bats alike? They can both see with their ears! That means they both use sound waves to navigate and find food. See With Your Ears! Dolphin and Bat Echolocation from Be Naturally Curious introduces children to the fascinating process of echolocation and the special anatomical features dolphins and bats have to accomplish it. Does your child love to build or construct models? See With Your Ears demonstrates some of the amazing ways animals’ bodies have specific anatomy for specific functions.

Mini-course is provided as a 41-page PDF including a Science Tool Kit PDF to collect your badges.

Course Contents See With Your Ears! Dolphin and Bat Echolocation
  • Story: Dolphin and Bat School. Learn to Echolocate! In this fun, illustrated story, children are introduced to the concept of sound waves as well as special adaptations dolphins and bats have to detect them.
  • Activity 1: How do you hear? Cement your knowledge of the anatomical features involved in echolocation with an art project in which you create your own bat ears or dolphin snout (materials provided in the mini-course.)
  • Activity 2: Echolocation Elements Game. In this board game, children collect all the important elements of echolocation to complete their echolocation bingo card. Which card will you complete first”dolphin or bat?
  • Activity 3: Name that sound. Children get to experience echolocation through a movement-based game in which children must themselves try to echolocate. Use the included Experimental Journal to record your results!
  • Curiosity Connector. Look into these online resources to learn more about dolphins and bats and how they use echolocation to survive.
  • Tools for Your Tool Kit. Try to answer all the questions about dolphins, bats, and echolocation to earn Tools for your Science Tool Kit.
  • Glossary. Learn new terms to understand anatomy and sound waves.
Materials Needed for A Butterfly’s Evening Adventure

String, tape, scissors, pencil, crayons, three opaque cups, lightweight cardboard, and T-shirts of different colors

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