United States History in Reverse: School-to-Prison Pipeline

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In  United States History in Reverse: School-to-Prison Pipeline students discover U.S. History in Reverse ultimately learning about the historical origins of the School to Prison Pipeline. This is a high school level unit study.


In Re-Imagine Education’s  United States History in Reverse: School-to-Prison Pipeline  students discover U.S. History in Reverse ultimately learning about the historical origins of the School to Prison Pipeline. First students learn about the connection between schools and the prison industrial complex, next they uncover the historical roots that lead to our current system through 15 print and go, standards based Lesson plans covering: The Drug War, Black Power Movements, Brown Vs Board of Education, Redlining, Jim Crow, Education during Slavery and more. Finally, students analyze the purpose of public education, and ultimately create their own proposals to deconstruct our cur current systems of oppression.

This unit study does not shy away from the current inequities that plague our societies. It is meant to facilitate the critical analysis of these inequities along with the systems and ways of thinking which made those inequities possible. We hope that by engaging in this discourse students come away challenged and invigorated to be change makers in the world.

Authors Ryan Williams-Virden & Ian  McLaughlin


Reviews of United States History in Reverse: School-to-Prison Pipeline  and  Re-Imagine Education (RiEd)

Re-Imagine Education encourages teachers to engage students in what bell hooks calls œeducation as the practice of freedom. Their exciting and deeply thoughtful curricula challenges students to claim agency in their own learning and to become critical young scholars who apply their knowledge in ways that make the world around them more socially just. It is clear that RiEd is committed to seeing classrooms become transformative spaces where students are equipped with the tools needed to be change agents and movement makers in their schools, communities and beyond.

– Garrett Naiman, EdD, Executive Director, UC Berkeley Center for Educational Partnerships


Re-Imagine Education (RiEd) recognizes all education as inherently political. As teachers with years of experience in teaching and activism, they are committed to helping students develop the competencies of self-knowledge, multicultural awareness, critical social analysis, and sociopolitical engagement. Their ultimate goal is to support all students and enable them to act against social injustice in their lives and future professions. This is a courageous and compassionate undertaking and I have the utmost confidence that RiEd is up to the task. If I had a school-aged child, I would settle for nothing less than the excellence RiEd brings to the leveraging of education as a tool of transformation.

– Robin DiAngelo, PhD educator and author of “White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard For White People To Talk About Racism.


Finally! A relevant, rigorous and engaging social studies curriculum that examines the racial, socioeconomic, hetero-patriarchal, geopolitical landscape which calls students in and encourages them to become agents of change.

– Tiffany Williams, Director of Equity & Inclusion for Hiawatha Academies Charter School Network

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