History Odyssey Timeline Color Sticker Pack


History Odyssey Timeline 200 Color Stickers to go along with the timeline.


Product format:  200 colorful stickers on four  sheets (50 stickers per sheet). Sticker is size 1? x  1 ½

200 colorful stickers depicting beautifully detailed sketches of historical events and people from 6000 BCE to Present Day. There are 50 stickers for each time period. Use with the  History Odyssey Timeline,  History Odyssey courses, or with any history product or course.

The History Odyssey Timeline is a highly effective and attractive tool that assists students in organizing their study of world history events, people, discoveries, and much more. Students enter historical events they deem significant, creating greater retention and optimal opportunity to recognize relationships between events, connections, consequences, and the flow of history across the ages.

Ancient history color sticker sheet

Middle Ages color sticker sheet

Early Modern color sticker sheet

Modern times color sticker sheet

There are lots of articles about learning and teaching the humanities on the SEA Homeschoolers blog.

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