History Odyssey Timeline


The History Odyssey timeline has four timeline posters. We are proud to carry what we think is the best timeline on the market!


Product format:  Four timeline posters, accordion folded.

The History Odyssey Timeline is a highly effective and attractive tool that assists students in organizing their study of world history events, people, discoveries, and much more. Students enter historical events they deem significant, creating greater retention and optimal opportunity to recognize relationships between events, connections, consequences, and the flow of history across the ages.

The History Odyssey Timeline consists of four separate timelines, each approximately 11 inches tall by 5 feet long.

History Odyssey Timeline

Ancients Timeline: 6000 BCE to 500 CE

History Odyssey Timeline

Middle Ages Timeline: 500 to 1600

History Odyssey Timeline

Early Modern Timeline: 1600 to 1850

History Odyssey Timeline

Modern Times Timeline: 1850 to 2020

There are lots of articles about learning and teaching the humanities on the SEA Homeschoolers blog.

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