About: Kat Hutcheson


Kat Hutcheson is a regular contributor on the SEA Homeschoolers website, social media manager, and the PR point person for the SEA conference. She was homeschooled by her father, a disabled veteran who wasn’t afraid to color outside the lines and inspired a lifelong love of learning. She loved homeschooling so much she couldn’t wait to homeschool her own kids. Her kids are 12 and 2. Homeschooling her 2E high school student while chasing a two year old around present a unique set of challenges and rewards, and there’s never a dull moment. She is an avid bibliophile whose kids have inherited her book addiction. She uses an eclectic mix of homeschooling styles often creating her own curriculum to meet her children’s various needs and interests. Her goal is to encourage her kids to be lifelong learners who aren’t afraid to try and fail and try again. All of which is only made possible by drinking massive amounts of her favorite drink, coffee.

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