Homeschooling 101

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Homeschooling 101

When you are homeschooling, you handcraft a journey through learning for your child. This handcrafted education honors the unique strengths, challenges, and passions of your learner. It is an important step to guiding your child so they can figure out what they are going to do with their one wild and precious life. By connecting your child with their unique intellect, with who they really are, this handcrafted education empowers your child to become a lifelong learner.

Homeschooling is exciting, joyous, and (to be honest) a little bit scary. This is your child after all, and if you are homeschooling them, that means you care a LOT about their education. Homeschooling works best when there is brainstorming, mentoring, and insight into the how of learning. This is where community is important.

The good news is, you have found the SEA Homeschoolers Community. This means you have found an engaged, eclectic, secular academic group that is here to help you starting with this page full of the resources.

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Download a free PDF to help you craft a homeschooling journey for your children that is unique, innovative, organic, learning-centered, and academically-rich.

Secular, Eclectic, Academic Recommended Resources for Homeschooling

Get a free PDF download of the chapter from REAL Science Odyssey Chemistry Level 1 used to demonstrate how hands-on labs allow children to understand sophisticated scientific principles and theories through auditory, visual, and tactile experiments and activities.

Homeschooling 101 for Science: Through the use of focused hands-on labs  and activities that are thoughtfully paired with accurate fact-based information, homeschooled children often get superlative, and engaging science and history! Check out this science download from Blair Lee, M.S. and see for yourself.

What is the mission and purpose of SEA Homeschoolers?

It is to provide a community filled with information, resources, and support to help your family on your eclectic academic homeschooling journey. Its reason for being is as a place to discuss innovative learning and academics that empower and facilitate. At SEA Homeschoolers, we recognize what a big responsibility the education of our children is. Along with you, we have chosen to take that on. We do not want you to feel alone. Through our many voices, this community can help you with the heavy lifting of figuring out what your child’s education will look like. At the same time, your child is a unique individual. My final recommendation is that you take the advice that resonates with you and ignore the advice that doesn’t. There is absolutely no one-size-fits-all for learning.

Find the Homeschool Laws for your State:

Often the best place to get the most accurate, up-to-date information is directly from the source. Below we have linked the homeschooling regulations for most of the United States. As we continue to add resources to this page, we will expand to add US territories and international information.