ADHD (And Executive Function) Essentials

secular homeschool convention School Choice Week 2018: ADHD (Executive Function) Essentials

ADHD (And Executive Function) Essentials

In this session, I will discuss ADHD, and how it affects homeschoolers. We will begin with the various types of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, then move into the role dopamine and executive functioning play in ADHD. To conclude, we look at the emotional impact of disorder, and why it can get in the way of learning. Throughout the session, strategies will be discussed for better managing the executive function challenges presented by ADHD, and related disorders, when homeschooling.

Brendan’s Bio

secular homeschool conference School Choice Week 2018: ADHD (And Executive Function) Essentials

Brendan Mahan, M.Ed., MS. is an internationally known ADHD/Executive Function expert, and veteran educator. The host on the ADHD Essentials podcast, and highly engaging speaker, Brendan addresses the emotional, academic and lifestyle impacts the disorder has on the lives of the people who suffer from it, as well as those who love them. In his workshops, he shares multiple intervention styles, both broad and specific. These interventions are readily accessible, and useful across the many areas of children’s lives with little to no modification.

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