What Is Secular Homeschool Curriculum

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What Is Secular Homeschool Curriculum?

It can be challenging to find secular curricula and programs for your homeschooled children. To help, SEA Homeschoolers developed these definitions explaining what constitutes secular academic materials. Read on and be sure to connect with SEA Homeschoolers today!

Secular Homeschool Curriculum: Science

Secular science curricula and programs use empirical evidence-based information from peer reviewed research. Secular science curricula present the accepted facts, principles, models, and theories explaining how the natural and physical world works as recommended by a majority of practicing experts in that area of science. They do not incorporate religious philosophy into the curriculum or program. 

In addition, secular academic homeschoolers do not endorse or use science curricula and programs that politicize science topics. This politicization is in effect propaganda. It is unacademic, inappropriate, and irresponsible to misstate science facts, principles, models, and theories for political gain. 

Science understanding is constantly being refined and added to as new research results become available. Scientific research builds on what is already understood in a way that helps us better understand how the natural and physical world works. Secular science curricula and programs do not present science as static. Nor does it rely on outdated data and information. 

Secular Homeschool Curriculum, Secular Science Homeschool Curriculum

Secular Homeschool Curriculum: History

Secular history curriculum is evidence-based using research backed by historical scholarship. Secular history curriculum does not include historical theories or narratives without evidence and context. Interpretations or conclusions are supported by credible sources and offer both a broad and specific view of information.

In addition, secular academic homeschoolers recognize the importance of using history materials that are intersectional and updated to modern historiography. It is essential to an unbiased approach to history lessons that they include voices and perspectives missing or excluded from past historical narratives. 

Secular history curricula can and often will discuss and analyze the influence and impact of religions and religious belief throughout history. However, secular history curriculum does not posit, present, or endorse religious beliefs, myths, texts, philosophies, or teachings as factual.  There are two common ways non-secular curricula present religious beliefs in this way: They can present religious texts as historically factual accounts and/or they can present historical events as divinely influenced.

Because the subject of history is a constantly evolving body of work that is changed, revised, or added onto as new evidence becomes available, secular history curriculum should never present the story of the past as static or complete.

Secular Homeschool Curriculum, Secular History Homeschool Curriculum

Other Disciplines for Secular Homeschool Curriculum

History and science are the two most problematic academic disciplines when it comes to finding curricula and programs for secular homeschooling parents. Other academic disciplines are considered academically secular if they do not incorporate or include religious sentiments, homilies, or readings except where academically relevant. For example a literature course that includes Milton’s Paradise Lost, John Steinbeck’s The Pearl, or Dante’s Inferno could be part of a secular course of study if the purpose for its inclusion is strictly academic.

Secular Homeschool Curriculum

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