Seven Favorite Summer Field Trips

Seven Favorite Summer Field Trips for secular homeschooling

Seven Favorite Summer Field Trips

Seven Favorite Summer Field Trips for secular homeschooling

Summer is the perfect time for field trips where the whole family can learn together out in the world! The hustle and bustle of the school year has slowed, and many of us are doing a little homeschool-lite in between pool time and popsicles.

I’ve gathered seven of our favorite summer field trips that will make your summertime learning into memorable experiences for the whole family. These field trips and resources are available across the country. Check out the links included to find one near you!

1. National Parks

Become a Junior Ranger this summer or take part in some of the fun events available through our National Parks. Many parks also offer tours of the ground and historical sites. Find a National Park near you.

Not by a National Park? Each state also has its own park program. Find your State Parks.

Free Summer Programs for Kids

2. Presidential Libraries

Visit one of the fourteen Presidential Libraries open to the public. These are not your run-of-the-mill libraries. These spectacular museums hold the archives of our past presidents. Learn about the events that occurred during and around the presidency and the people who made an impact on our history. Plan a trip to a Presidential Library.

No Presidential Library in your area? Take a virtual field trip instead!

3. Recycling Center

Garbage and recycling lesson plansDid you know that many local recycling centers offer tours, even in the summer? Check out your county’s website or give your local dump a call to set one up. Your family will learn about the importance of recycling and what happens to all our trash that gets thrown away. Such a memorable experience!

Taking a recycling field trip this summer? Build upon your field trip experience with a free unit study all about garbage and recycling!


4. Art Museums

When the summer gets too long and too hot, cool off at a local art museum or check out galleries in your city. Art museums are temperature and humidity controlled – making them the perfect place to find a little relief from the sun. Plus you’ll love learning about culture, design, and history through paintings, photography, sculpture and more.

If you have an art museum near you, check the website for special summer classes and tours for kids. No museum in town? Check out these museums with virtual tours:

5. Police Department or Fire Station

Fire Safety Lessons for KidsIf you haven’t been on a tour lately, you might be surprised at what your local police department and fire station have to offer! Schedule a tour of the facility or find out about classes and special field trips for kids of all ages. Many fire stations also host summertime open houses. A great learning experience and a chance to meet your hometown heroes!

Visiting the fire station was our favorite part of our fire safety unit study!

6. Aerospace Museum

There is nothing that thrills my kids more than the though of blasting off into space. Find amazing science and history resources at one of the many fantastic space museums across the country (and the world), many of which offer special summer programs. Find a list of space museums for all 50 states.

When you get home, your little learners will want to know more! Visit the Kennedy Space Center online with Google Maps.


7. The Farmer’s Market or Local Farm

My kids just love visiting our local farms and farmer’s markets, and summer is when you get the best local produce. Talk to local farmers, see where your food comes from, and support your community! Check your area for you-pick opportunities and outdoor markets.

You may find that local farms also have year-round markets and tours available. Many farms have Facebook pages or websites, so check online. Or just stop by!

This beats your regular weekly field trip to the grocery store!

About the author:

Ashley Fox is a mama of three and homeschool enthusiast fueled by lattes and Florida Sunshine. She creates unique resources for eclectic homeschoolers on her site The Homeschool Resource Room.




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