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SEA Homeschoolers Community Support Resources

SEA Homeschoolers Community Support Resources

Over the last week SEA Homeschoolers has had an influx of new members in our Facebook groups, many of whom are unexpectedly homeschooling due to school closures across the United States and around the world. For some this will be a temporary situation, while others will use it as a way to dip their toes into the homeschooling community or dive in head-first for a long-term homeschooling journey. Whether you have been considering homeschooling previously or find yourself suddenly in unfamiliar territory, the SEA Homeschoolers community welcomes you and hopes that we can be a source of support, advice, and resources. 

We know that many public schools are providing guidance, online classes, and materials in order to keep students’ learning as consistent as possible, but we also know that there are some public, private, and alternative schools that do not have the funds or infrastructure in place to make a sudden change to distance learning as well as parents voluntarily pulling children from those settings due to personal risk factors and family needs that are not currently receiving the same level of support as those in areas with mandatory school closures. The SEA Homeschoolers community also has many members whose families are facing financial hardships due to COVID-19 and would benefit from free and low-cost resources for their students. 

Community has always been at the heart of SEA and we want to do what we can to help during this pandemic. We have moved many resources normally available exclusively to our website members out from behind the paywall, put a few of our best-selling materials on sale at SEA Books & More, and created a coupon code for the bookstore for those who wish to purchase additional materials. Below you will find links and information for those resources and more.

Regardless of what led you here, how long you have been a part of our community, or how long you plan to stay, we wish you and your families health and happiness during these trying times. Please do not hesitate to reach out in our Facebook groups or to for additional recommendations and support, and know that you are not alone on this journey through learning.




*SEA Homeschoolers Community Support Resources Discounts and Freebies.

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