An Eclectic Collection of Essays

an eclectic collection of essays, blair lee,

An Eclectic Collection of Essays

Blair’s 15 most popular essays covering a wide range of topics.
Homeschooling, Education, Travel,
Service Projects, & of course Science!

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The Renaissance of a Handcrafted Education


Handcrafted Gift, A Graduation Gift


travel, service and worldschooling

An Eclectic Collection of Essays 1


Confessions of a Classical Unschooler




30 Travel Tips from a Worldschooler

The Benefits of Secular Eclectic Academic Homeschooling


A Handcrafted Education – The High School Years


How Science Is Best Learned


Helping to Save the World Choosing a Service Project

The Best Method to Use for Learning is the one that works


Happy Almost Summer Everyone!




An Early Morning Conversation Jaisalmer, India