Our First Full Day in Delhi, post 1 of 2


We have arrived in New Delhi. This is our group, in order they are Sean, Patrice, Alecia, Hillary, Jim, and Wendy. I am missing of course, see me below.

We are all in a three bedroom two story apartment. We have assignments to various sites. Some of us are assigned together and some aren’t. I will tell you more about the assignments when we begin them. Today we had breakfast, went sightseeing around Delhi, and then hung out. (Isn’t it weird it is sightseeing instead of site seeing? I think we should change it.)

Here is the photo with me in it.

The girls are sharing rooms, two to a room.  It is a happy bunch.  This is one smart group of women. The Taliban does not need to look any further than this room for a good argument for why women should be educated.

This is our shower, it is okay.

After you shower, you squeegee the floor.

The view from our balcony.

Oh boy! There are pugs in Delhi, too.

Alecia is from Cody, Wyoming. She likes long walks on beaches, even though she has never been to the beach. This is her first trip anywhere, ever. Not bad going to New Delhi for a first trip.

The fruit sellers of New Delhi.

Don’t you love it. This is a vegetable seller. None of these people speak English. I am so glad I studied my Hindi.

This car is decorated for a wedding.