Bon Voyage World Languages Academy

Bon Voyage World Languages Academy

Live Showcase with Give-Away
Tuesday, July 23rd
2:15-2:45pm EST

At Bon Voyage World Languages Academy, our mission is to create a new generation of culturally aware, global citizens who embrace new experiences and ideas, and who work to create a more collaborative world.

Bon Voyage World Languages Academy was founded by our director, Elizabeth Porter, in April 2016 and offers language classes for both credit and enrichment. Courses take place online in our virtual Zoom Classroom. These courses are designed for students ages 3 to 18 and adults. Our virtual classroom functions much like a traditional brick and mortar classroom, and offers us many of the same benefits of a regular classroom, including the ability to group students into cooperative learning teams.

Elizabeth Porter is a National Board Certified French teacher and linguist with a Bachelor’s degree in French and Linguistics, a Master’s degree in Education, and a French degree called a DEUG in French as a Foreign Language (FLE). She is the author of “Pathways to Language Fluency- Changing How We Think About Language in the United States.” She also has a TED Talk called “Learning Language with All Five Senses.”

She lived in France and the United States and is fully bilingual in both French and English. She has a passion for language and the science behind how the human brain acquires language.

Elizabeth attended college in Normandy, France and spent a significant amount of time in Paris while growing up. She taught elementary and middle school English in Normandy, returning to the United States in 2002 to teach French stateside. She is a passionate teacher with nearly 20 years of teaching experience.

Elizabeth is also a school administrator specializing in Project Based Assessment and Curriculum and Instruction.
She enjoys traveling with her children and connecting with people around the world.