Dr. Michelle Parrinello-Cason

Dr. Michelle Parrinello-Cason

Dr. Michelle Parrinello-Cason has a Ph.D. in English with an emphasis on rhetoric and composition. She has more than a decade of teaching experience including six years as a college English professor. She has designed workshops and classes for elementary, middle, and high school students and is a homeschooling mom of two.

Her passions include pop culture, moral philosophy, essay writing, and reading skills. She designs classes that take a multi-disciplinary, integrated reading-writing approach to make sure learners have context and purpose for everything they create.

During her time as an English professor, Michelle specialized in teaching “developmental” writing, which means she was working with the students who had been deemed unprepared for college-level writing. In that work, she formed a teaching philosophy deeply centered on trust.

She believes that students learn best when they know that their instructor genuinely trusts them to do well. She works hard to avoid assignments and classroom dynamics that create antagonistic power structures. Instead, she wants learners to see her as a supportive guide who genuinely aims to help them reach their own goals.

Michelle is the founder of Dayla Learning, a place for “homeschooling the humanities with humanity,” and the co-founder of SEA Online Classes, a platform for hands-on, engaging online classes.

January 23, 2021
12:30pm EST/9:30am PST

Creating “Invitations” for Learning (without Buying a Bunch of New Stuff)

It happens to the best of us. We look back at what we haven’t yet achieved in our homeschooling year and start panic buying every lesson plan, board game, microscope, and laminator we see in the hopes of giving our studies a much-needed energy boost. The truth is, though, a lot of us already have the tools we need to revamp our homeschooling. The trick is in the delivery, and I’ve spent the last several months learning this lesson the hard way. Let me tell you what I know in hopes of sparing you from the same struggles!