secular homeschool convention School Choice Week 2018: Is My Homeschooler Gifted? Does That Matter?

Is My Homeschooler Gifted? Does That Matter?

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Is My Homeschooler Gifted? Does That Matter? Description

Your child seems unusual, advanced, maybe even brilliant – but it’s hard to know how to talk about that without sounding competitive or over-involved. Is it just the amazing influence of homeschooling, is your child gifted, or might something else be going on? And if your child really is so smart, why is homeschooling so difficult sometimes?

This session will explain the nature of intellectual giftedness and how it differs from high achievement. I’ll discuss common cognitive and emotional characteristics of gifted children and myths about giftedness. The session will help you to understand the circumstances in which it makes sense to seek IQ testing for your child (it’s not as often as you might think) and will outline ways in which giftedness might change your homeschooling approach.

secular homeschool conference School Choice Week 2018: Is My Homeschooler Gifted? Does That Matter?

Rebecca’s Bio

Rebecca Wald, Ph.D. is an experienced homeschooler, a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of Maryland, and a two-time Jeopardy! champion. She has a particular interest in the educational and mental health needs of children and teens who are gifted and/or twice exceptional. Through her clinical psychology practice, Minds in Focus, Dr. Wald helps homeschooling families (and others outside the mainstream) identify practical solutions for children’s difficulties with learning, attention, emotions, and behavior.


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