Homeschooling High School with Student Created Coursework

Session Description

When our children are young we often ask them what they want to learn. As they get a little bit older we add in more ownership of how they learn it. By middle school educational plans are often a collaborative effort. Have you ever considered taking child-led learning a step further? In this round table discussion we will talk about having high school students create their own courses from start to finish and how to scaffold students into this level of ownership over their education.


Playing School: Bridging the gap between play and education for academically minded preschoolers and kindergartners.

When parents ask for advice about homeschooling preschool and kindergarten the response is mostly “just let them play.” While this is often sound advice meant to calm nervous new homeschoolers, combat the “Am I doing enough?” mindset, and help parents understand what is developmentally appropriate in early education, what do you do when just playing isn’t enough for your child? Bring your littles to a special preschool session in the art room and join me for an informal roundtable discussion close by. While our kids get creative with the art supplies, we will talk about how to create a developmentally appropriate child-led academic experience for our young learners.


Secular Homeschool Convention, Atlanta 2018

Kat’s Biography

Kat Hutcheson is a second generation secular homeschooler with a passion for eclectic academics. Following in her parent’s footsteps she is guiding her children, who range from preschool to high school, as they create their own unique educational journeys. When she isn’t busy with her own children’s education she volunteers her time to help keep the Secular Eclectic Acacdemic Homeschoolers online community running smoothly.

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