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When you think of a “typical” foreign language textbook, it probably looks like a perfect dream to a concrete-sequential thinker — but that makes such books, and classes based on them, a perfect nightmare for many gifted and twice-exceptional global thinkers and learners. In this presentation, we will look at a framework that helps you understand HOW and WHY your child is different from the “perfect world language student” that school-based language programs are designed for, and we’ll discover how Stories, Questions, and a Joyful Learning Community can make all languages — but especially Latin — accessible and enjoyable for all kinds of learners, including your twice exceptional child. We’ll experience — and possibly even create — a Latin story or two along the way.

secular homeschool conference School Choice Week 2018: Latin for Twice Exceptional & Gifted Global Thinkers

Justin’s Bio

Justin M. Schwamm, Jr., taught high-school Latin in a very diverse, low-wealth North Carolina school district for 22 years. He quickly discovered that “those bad lazy kids” (as they were frequently labeled) were, in fact, anything but “bad and lazy” — they tended to be highly gifted, and many had undiagnosed dyslexia, learning disabilities, and processing issues . He and his students developed a curriculum and an approach to learning now known as the Three Column Way. In 2014, Justin began his current work with “Those Kids,” offering Latin classes through Gifted Homeschoolers Forum as well as small-group and one-on-one programs for “those kids” and their adult counterparts. He also provides coaching to teachers and to small business owners who work in the broad field of education for personal transformation.

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