Bon Voyage World Languages Academy

Bon Voyage World Languages Academy

Bon Voyage World Languages Academy is passionate about providing a quality linguistic and cultural education, because language and culture go hand in hand. Our method is fun, engaging, and highly effective.

Why Learn a Language?

Here are just a few reasons why learning another language is so important for the brain and for the whole person!

Enhances Cognitive Ability

Essentially learning a language boosts your brain power, meaning your brain has the ability to deal with increased complexity of structures and absorb more patterns.Students who study language have also been seen to have increased abilities in math and music, because the brain is more readily receptive to patterns and logic.

Increases Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills

Second language acquisition promotes increased problem solving and critical thinking skills in the brain because our brains are working harder to decode meaning from language and structures.Highly developed critical thinking skills and problem solving are essential both personally and professionally.

Memory Improvement

The more the brain is engaged, and the more we engage our senses in the learning process, the more likely we are to remember.People who exercise the brain regularly in multiple languages, have shown to have increased long term memory and it has also been shown that learning another language prevents the onset of Alzheimers.

Increased Ability in the Native Language

Research shows that children who study foreign languages have a greater understanding of their native languages than monolingual students.This is because of the ability to understand grammar and language patterns.  Students who study foreign languages also have greater vocabulary than those who do not because many languages share similar roots.

Increased Empathy, Cultural and Global Awareness

Students who study foreign languages have the greater ability to see the world from different perspectives and understand the points of view of others.This is due to language and culture going hand in hand.  Language is essentially, at its very base, human connection. Humans use language to get their basic needs met.  Foreign language study also increases the ability in the brain to think differently, it changes our prefrontal cortex and our executive functioning.  Different languages build the brain in different ways and provides a view of the people and regions that speak the language in our world.  It helps the student more deeply understand how to see the world.

Boosts Career Opportunities and Salaries

Learning another language is critical for today’s workforce. Increasingly jobs in education, social work, healthcare, tourism, and international business require applicants who speak another language.Speaking another language is also useful for jobs that do not require a person to be bilingual.  Speaking a foreign language is shown to increase interpersonal skills, team work, project management, communication skills, and more. MIT Economist Albert Saiz has said that people who speak another language in America receive a 2-5% higher salary than those who are monolingual.

Learning Language With All Five Senses | Elizabeth Porter | TEDxRichland

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