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Heather Horrell

Heather is a creative and inquisitive lifelong learner and mom of 6 wildlings. She is a passionate educator who wants to inspire children, and their parents, to honor and proudly share their unique gifts, stay curious, and spread kindness everywhere. When not teaching, you can find her dreaming up new ideas, making art, or moving among nature.
Heather’s credentials include various health and wellness certificates as well as a Master’s degree in Education and Bachelor’s in English Literature. She has been traveling nationally for over five years and has shared her unique, Play, Learn, Grow methodology with teachers and parents from all over who want something different for their kids!

March 13, 2022
1:00pm EST/10:00am PST

Weaving the 3 M's: Movement, Mindfulness, and Multidisciplinary Learning

Learning the old way is out! Heather firmly believes in sparking kids’ curiosity and building their empathy while creating a lifelong love of exploration. Learning, especially for developing minds and hearts, is all about creating meaningful experiences that draw upon their natural creativity and desire to interact with the world as a whole person. Learning experiences should be organic and built with the 3 M’s in mind. Mindfulness, Movement, and Multidisciplinary. When we focus on all facets of the human experience and the different ways kids learn; the social-emotional component, the kinesthetic needs, and their innate ability to make connections among seemingly unrelated topics, we see kids thriving and being in control of their own educational needs. Not only does this serve each kiddo optimally, it helps families live and learn more peacefully and with greater ease. In this speech, Heather will talk about the benefits of the 3 M’s philosophy, how it birthed her Play, Learn, Grow curriculum, and what simple steps you can take to incorporate it into your day with your kids and/or students.

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