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Heather Horrell

Heather is a creative and inquisitive lifelong learner and mom of 6 wildlings. She is a passionate educator who wants to inspire children, and their parents, to honor and proudly share their unique gifts, stay curious, and spread kindness everywhere. When not teaching, you can find her dreaming up new ideas, making art, or moving among nature.
Heather’s credentials include various health and wellness certificates as well as a Master’s degree in Education and Bachelor’s in English Literature. She has been traveling nationally for over five years and has shared her unique, Play, Learn, Grow methodology with teachers and parents from all over who want something different for their kids!

June 10, 2022
2:40pm EDT/11:40am PDT

Motivating Your Children to Move More Without Shame or Pain

Heather Horrell, M.Ed, RYT-200, and Ace-Certified Personal Trainer talks about how to encourage your children to move more during their day without using shame tactics, fights, or feel-bad techniques. It all starts with understanding what works for your family and your kids and being mindfully aware of why movement is important to our physical and emotional health as individuals. Some key points we’ll discuss include making time in the day for joyful movement, addressing mobility and extenuating health or environmental concerns, and building growth mindsets that give kids a positive outlook on themselves, their capabilities, and how they experience movement and exercise. Learn how to integrate movement into your homeschool day more organically, how to explain exercise in simple, compassionate, and inclusive terms, and what exercises to avoid for optimal safety. Let’s have fun moving together!

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