Joshua Jernigan

Joshua Jernigan

Joshua Jernigan (he/him/his) is a transgender and queer rights activist living in the greater Charlotte, NC metropolitan area where he and his husband are raising their family together. He started the Gender Education Network, an organization helping transgender and gender diverse youth under 12, and is passionate about ensuring every child has a safe and loving home to nurture their growing identities.

Joshua has extensive experience in early childhood education both in traditional classroom settings and remotely. He has previously taught classes on numerous topics ranging from sign language instruction to racial and gender identities to queer history and creative writing.

Joshua is passionate about accurate and accessible history. He has worked hard to protect and illuminate many aspects of our historical records that have been actively suppressed by those aiming to promote self-serving narratives. This passion has led to him giving several speeches about accurate queer history and why it’s important that this information be available for all individuals.

When not helping kids or educating in some way, Joshua enjoys hiking, camping, and just hanging out with his family. He has authored a children’s book, and is working on additional writing projects currently.  He and his husband also recently founded Wild Pride Productions, a media company with many awesome projects planned for the near future.

March 16, 2024
3:40pm ET/12:40pm PT

LGBTQ+ Erasure in Schooling, the Media, and Beyond

Join Joshua as he discusses LGBTQ+ erasure in schooling, the media, and beyond. Look at the historical context of why erasure happens, how to spot it as you navigate curriculum and resource materials, and what to do when you see it so your learner gets a well rounded education.